Audit of EU projects

Audit of EU projects consists of confirming that the project costs are actually incurred. The very process of audit begins with introducing the auditor with the project and ensuring the availability of project documentation. The auditor will check the complete documentation which presents the basis on which the financial statements of the project are prepared, compliance with the budget in terms of control and proper classification of budget items, and fairness of the financial statements of the project. All this will eventually result in an audit report which includes the auditor's opinion. The auditor in the audit of EU projects uses: records from the accounting system, data from contracts, purchase orders and procurement related to the project, the documentation related to the implementation of the procurement procedure, evidence of the services provided, receipt of goods, completion of work, payment of direct and indirect costs, travel, employee records, payroll, contracts, service contracts and other evidence which considers necessary.

Our team consists of auditors specially educated for audit of EU projects with years of experience in this field. Our clients are provided, along with audit, regular communication during the project, to reduce possible errors in the implementation of the project to the lowest possible level, bearing in mind the fact that those procedures which are not fully in accordance with the prescribed criteria result in a reduction or, in some cases subtracting of the total amount of allocated funds.

If you need audit of the EU project, please contact the experienced team of Russell Bedford DIJ auditors who will surely prove worthy of your trust.